Young At Art Institute

The Young At Art Institute is a 7,500 sq. ft. wing of our new museum featuring the finest, state-of-the-art studios for ceramics, printmaking, cartooning and film, digital and darkroom photography, mixed media, drawing and painting.

The Institute's curriculum, delivered by professional and visiting guest artists, introduces the elements of art and the principles of design through an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Age-appropriate art-making experiences for children, teens and adults are interwoven with art appreciation, history, culture and criticism. Our meaningful structure encourages your child to grow through engagement with the arts, explore a variety of exciting mediums, learn from our team of qualified art instructors in professionally equipped studios, build self esteem through accomplishment and share their work at Young At Art Institute exhibit showcases throughout the year.

 Drawing, Painting & Printmaking Studio Suite
Natural light provides inspiration for creative expression in this 2D studio for ages 6-adult. This professionally equipped studio, complete with workstations, silk screens, drying racks and printing presses for etching, monotype and relief, provides the necessary tools for a multitude of art-making experiences. An outdoor courtyard offers opportunities for observation drawing and painting from nature and collaborative mural making.
 Digital Art & Film Studio
This unique computer lab provides artists with the technological tools to express themselves in the 21st century. The studio is equipped with Wacom tablets, Mac computer stations, scanners, laser printers and camcorders to create digital art, animation, stop motion films, pixilation, claymation, green screen, non-linear editing and more.
 Dark Room
Participants experience both the rich history of black and white photography and digital photography, as well as silkscreen burning and ceramic photo emulsion processes in this state-of-the-art dark room equipped with enlargers, safe lights and developing stations.
 Ceramic Studio Suite
The dynamic ceramic process comes to life in this professional studio designed for ages 6-adult. This unique studio suite is equipped with potter’s wheels, slab rollers, extruders and work areas for hand-building sculptures, wheel throwing and glazing. An outdoor courtyard provides space for specialized processes such as raku and sawdust firings as well as clay mixing.
 Early Childhood Studio
Budding Artists from birth - 4 years cross-artistic domains: creative movement, dramatic play, music and visual arts. Studio experiences will interplay with Young At Art’s early childhood gallery, Wonderscapes, based on the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland story. During weekday mornings, the Budding Artist Studio also serves as an accredited preschool for 22 children ages 3 - 4, engaging them in language and art-rich activities.
 Open Air Studio Classrooms
Nearly doubling the square footage, each of the studios includes open-air outdoor classrooms, a crucial element often left out of the educational structure. Extending the art making out doors will give participants the opportunity to engage in new creative processes including indigo dying and batik, airbrush, large format printing and mural-making, casting and collaborative mixed media sculpture building.
 Exhibition Gallery Workshop/Classrooms
Each of Young At Art's exhibition galleries – Artscapes, Greenscapes, and Culturescapes – provide a workshop/classroom space for self-directed and educator-enhanced activities for school groups, teacher training, specialized evening classes and the general public. Computers and software are integrated into these hands-on learning areas to expand upon the concepts of art, culture, and the environment. Doubling as a behind the scenes workshop space, this classroom will allow volunteers and staff to collaborate in creation of project materials and educational curriculum for exhibitions.
 Teen Center
The New YAA Teen Center acts as a social hub, study area, studio and workshop space, providing expanded curriculum targeted to YAA teen members and 500+ teen volunteers. The Center offers the teens a platform for aesthetic discussion and engagement in varied art-making and creative writing, poetry slam and spoken word sessions, as well as computer graphics design, music composition and CD production in a professional recording studio. This informal, educational and entertaining space will provide a “home away from home” environment, open days and evenings, encouraging youth grades 9 - 12 to utilize art as a healthy outlet for self-expression.