Activate your imagination in our wonderfilled museum. With excitement around every corner, you’ll embark on a journey to a world of magic and creativity. Our 55,000 square-foot facility will inspire, educate and entertain the artist in everyone.

Where Art Is The Answer

ArtScapesis a thematic journey of art history where art crosses time, place and culture. The exhibit uses both real art and replicas in graphic ways to create contemporary, theme-oriented environments based on a child’s view of the world.

The Cave features 5,000 years of images of art and its histories set to music, encouraging you and your child to leave a message on the cave’s walls. 10,000 Slides lets your child curate their own exhibit. Avenue A welcomes you to “ride” a New York subway and explore graffiti as a source of creative expression. The Portrait Gallery pays homage to Victorian art salons, letting you and your child create self portraits inspired by artists through the ages.
Where Artful Traditions Are Celebrated

CultureScapes celebrates and brings new understanding of our culturally diverse world through the eyes and art of contemporary artists from Haiti, Latin America, Cuba, Africa, Native America and Asia. You and your child will discover how an artist interprets his or her culture and traditions, how the artist’s culture, traditions and environment influence their art and how the artist lives and works in their studio environment.

CultureScapes features an array of installations and cultural experiences by internationally renowned artists including Haitian artist Edouard Duval Carrie, Cuban artist Leonel Matheu, African artist Chisseko Kondowe, Japanese artist Kenichi Yokono and Seminole artist Pedro Zepeda.
Where Informed Choices Shape the Earth

GreenScapes encourages you and your child to reconnect with nature, discovering the potential of art to call attention to environmental issues. By making art that conserves and protects, GreenScapes proves that art and the environment are interconnected in a myriad of ways.

Sandscapes draws inspiration from legendary Earthwork Artists, letting you build sculptures from natural materials. Artist Pablo Cano brings his marionettes made from recycled materials to life in Pablo’s Magical Workshop & Theater. Your child’s imagination will soar as they create their own Cano-inspired puppets and stage their own puppetry performance alongside life-sized marionettes created by Cano himself. STOMP lets you and your child make musical instruments from discarded objects and then stomp to the beat of the internationally acclaimed percussion group in a blue-screen musical performance filled with fun.
Where Imagination Begins

WonderScapes is an artful journey of words, music, play and literacy for children from birth to age 4. WonderScapes is based on the imagery of illustrator DeLoss McGraw, whose version of Alice in Wonderland won the Illustrator’s Society Book of the Year Award.

Alice’s Pool stimulates fantasy play and builds vocabulary. The March Hare’s House & Tea Party conveys the concept of scale through sights and sounds, a place where role-play and imagination rule. Alice’s Art & Games encourages children to create art, copy geometric shapes, identify colors and use letters to accompany their illustrations. Alice's Reading Forest provides a soft-sculptured area for reading with your child or socializing with other parents in a comfortable environment.
 Knight Gallery
The Knight Gallery is Young At Art’s changing exhibition hall. Throughout the year we will bring to you the finest national traveling exhibitions, temporary exhibitions created by YAA staff, as well as new and unique installations by artists from South Florida and around the world.