Women of Vision

For 22 years, South Florida’s most dedicated corporate, government and civic leaders have contributed to Young At Art’s programs for at-risk youth and families through its Women of Vision. Each February we celebrate the contribution of this dedicated group of women and men with a luncheon honoring a prominent member of our community.

22nd Annual
Women of Vision Luncheon
Wednesday Februrary 13, 2019 | 11am - 2pm

Honoring | Jodi Epstein

Luncheon Chair | Maya Ezratti

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YAA for ALL (Access to Lifelong Learning) IS A partnership with the University of Miami-Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD). Funds raised through the 2019 Women of Vision luncheon are instrumental in supporting this initiative for children and adults with autism or other sensory integration sensitivities.

For more information contact: lrimboeck@youngatartmuseum.org

Our 2018 Women of Vision Members

The Women Of Vision members share the goals of Young At Art Museum – to create opportunities for children from all socio-economic levels which motivate learning, promote cultural tolerance and enrich their lives. Through their annual commitment, the Women of Vision help sustain Young At Art – Broward County’s premier Museum.

Stephanie Sayfie Aargard
Ashley Melisse Abess
Jayne Harris Abess
Caroline Armstrong
Melissa Azrak
Daphna Benata
Lindsay Berkowitz
Francie Bishop Good
Irma Braman
Rebecca Bratter
Angela Brown
Lorraine Debritto
Marcie DePlaza
Dr. Malcohm Dorman
Jodi Epstein
Del Esparza
Terriane Morrison Everhart

Anna Ezratti
Jessica Ezratti
Maxie Ezratti
Maya Ezratti
Laura Finvarb
Eileen Fischer
Connie Folz
Sasha Goldsmith
Andria Holtz
Diane Leighton
Paulette Livingston
Libby Manus
Dawn McCormick
Dana McLean
Valerie Millman
Diana Morrison

Laura Norwalk
Mike Nuñez
Maria Pierson
Victoria Ranger Nuñez
Sally Robbins
Hollen Rosenberg
Ellen Salpeter
Eris Sandler
Suzanne Sayfie
Jennifer Sazant
Esther Shrago
Mindy Shrago
Wilma Siegel
Diane Weinbraum
Ray Ellen Yarkin
Martine Zinn

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